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Ziti with crudaiola sauce

Ingredients for 4 people:
300 g Be-Eat Gragnano Ziti (pasta)
6 tomatoes
fresh basil
Be-Eat Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Slit the tomatoes, dip them in boiling water for 10 seconds, drain and cool under water. After being peeled, cut tomatoes into 4 parts, remove the seeds and chop the pulp in small pieces. Flavor them with Be-Eat Extra Virgin Olive Oil and add the basil (in leale and in pieces). The sauce is ready to dress our ziti, which is recommended to cook al dente. Sprinkle with a drop of olive oil and serve.

Parma Ham Roses and figs 

High Quality productss, for a simple and delicious appetizer!

Ingredients for 4 people:
180 g Be-Eat Parma Ham (24 months)
12 figs (whites / back)
Be-Eat Parmesan (36 months)

Wipe the figs clean with dry kitchen paper and cut into. 4 equal parts, without dividing the base and open it gently. At the center of each fig lay a slice of Be-Eat Ham rolled on itself like a rose. Place 3 figs on each plate, sprinkle with thin scales of Be-Eat Parmesan and serve.

Bacon and tomato Ferrazzuoli (Gragnano pasta)

Ingredients for 4 people:

300 g Be-Eat Ferrazzuoli 
(Gragnano pasta)
120 g Be-Eat bacon
200 g tomatoes
50 g Be-Eat Parmesan
Chili pepper, garlic, salt and fresh basil
Be-Eat Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Get a good heavy frying pan and heat it up to medium, splash a couple tablespoons full of Be-Eat Olive Oil into the pan, and add the chopped onion to the hot oil. After a couple minutes add the Be-Eat Bacon (cutted in slim slices) and when it is toasted, add garlic, tomatoes, salt, chili pepper and basil into the pan as well.
Turn up the heat to high for 1 minute, then turn off and cover the pan. Meantime boil the Be-Eat Ferrazzuoli (pasta) in a big pot salted water; when it is ready "al dente", scoop the pasta out of the water and directly into your large fry pan. Take your Be-Eat Parmesan Cheese and grate a good amount into the pasta. Stir, serve...and enjoy yourself!

Strascinati with walnuts and goat cheese (Puglia pasta)

Ingredients for 4 people:
400 g Be-Eat Strascinati (burned raw grain)
250 g Be-Eat goat Taleggino
3 dl milk
100 g Be-Eat 36 months Parmesan
20 g Walnuts
Extra Vergin Olive Oil
fresh Thimus
1 clove garlic
black pepper

Melt the Be-Eat Taleggino in milk, add Be-Eat olive oil and emulsify the salsa with an immersion blender, Crumble finely the nuts .Cook Be-Eat Strascinati in boiling salted water flavored with a clove of garlic, drain and discard the garlic. Then dress pasta in a large bowl with oil, thyme and chopped walnuts. Place the Taleggino sauce on a serving plate, the pasta and decorate the dish with whole walnuts, Parmesan scales, pepper and thymus.
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